Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among men, and it is often caused by stress. Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction basically can be defined as the inability of a man to get a penile erection or maintain a firm erection enough during sexual intercourse. In most situations, ED has a negative impact on sexual relationships and must be treated by a medical professional.

Symptoms and Signs

  • Having difficulty obtaining and keeping an erection
  • Failure to obtain a penile erection
  • Other sexual illnesses associated with ED include premature and delayed ejaculation, as well as an inability to produce an orgasm known as anorgasmia.

Diagnosis of ED and Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Vadodara

A normal physical exam and a review of medical history linked to a patient’s sexual health are part of the ED diagnosis. The doctor will recommend a treatment for the patient based on the physical exam and testing. Additional tests may be recommended if the patient suffers from a health condition or if there are any other underlying conditions that the doctor may suspect.

Additional tests for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment in Vadodara

  • Physical examination. Examination of the patient’s penis and testicles to check sensation in the nerves.
  • Blood tests. Blood tests are used to screen for a variety of health conditions, including low testerone levels.
  • Urine tests. Urine analysis, comparable to blood testing, to screen for numerous health conditions.
  • Ultrasound. Ultrasound is used to detect the supply of blood to the penis.
  • NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence) test An NPT test uses a device that needs to be worn by the patient while asleep. The device assesses the quality of nocturnal erections, which assists doctors in recommending the best therapy.
  • Psychological evaluation. A test to look for symptoms of any potential psychological reason causing erectile dysfunction.


Following a physical examination the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment in Vadodara is based on further tests, and a review of the patient’s medical history, the diagnosis will reveal the underlying cause of the patient’s ED, from which the doctor will be able to provide the appropriate therapy. Doctors will explain the risks and advantages of each therapy and will make recommendations based on your choices. ED therapy options include the following:

Oral Medications-The doctor prescribes medications depending on the patient’s treatment desire and condition. Although the medications may not have an immediate effect, they ultimately enhance the effect of nitric oxide, which allows the muscles of the penis to enlarge. This, in turn, improves blood flow to the penis and aids in obtaining and maintaining an erection.

Psychological counseling – Indicated for men who are stressed, anxious, or have poor self-esteem, since these conditions may contribute to ED. Counseling successfully assists men in resolving mental health difficulties and overcoming ED.

Muse therapy- A special applicator is used to insert a small alprostadil suppository into the penile urethra. Before intercourse, inject this into the penis. The drug takes around 10 minutes to function, and the erection might last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Testosterone replacement-This treatment is recommended for men who suffer from ED because of low levels of testosterone. In most cases, testosterone replacement is accomplished with either injection or patch application. It is also available in gel and gum form.

Penis pump- A vacuum erection device is situated just over the penis. The hollow tube is often battery or manually driven. After inserting the pump, it removes the air from the device, generating a vacuum that causes blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. To hold the erection in place, a tension ring is put at the base of the penis. Once intercourse is completed, the ring should be removed.

Penile implantation- It is done through a surgical procedure in which the implants are located on two sides of a man’s penis. The implants might be inflatable or semi-rigid rods. This type of medication is very unusual and is only used when all other forms of ED treatment have failed.

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